Limited Liability Company "GalPack" has over 10 years of successful experience on the market of corrugated packaging in Ukraine and abroad.

We consistently implement long-term programs of company`s development and new equipment commissioning.


The company uses the facilities of partner companies:

  • Oppliger S.r.l. - Italian-Swiss company - the world leader in automated equipment lamination "sheet to sheet"
  • BOBST - automatic line for cutting
  • Gopfert - die-cut machine for box production
  • Solarco - automatic machines for production of slotted boxes


Company "GalPack" specializes in the manufacture of corrugated packaging products for the food, pharmaceutical, construction, woodworking and other industries. We are dedicated to produce  high-quality products of any complexity.

Modern technology and constant control over the quality of products, allows us to meet the needs of our customers.

Production of certified goods meets all European requirements for both physical and mechanical products, and is recognized as  eco-friendly.

Our products are used by world-known manufacturers such as IKEA.

Our qualified and experienced experts will help you to choose a quality package at an affordable price.

Starting from 2015 Enterprise "GalPack" together with the following companies:

  • Modern Pack
  • Inter-Pack
  • Uzhkarton
  • Damar

Is a part of the group of companies "UGPS" (UKRAINIAN GREEN PACKAGING SOLUTIONS),  specializing in the production of packaging, cardboard, tape, stretch film, and various accessories for corrugated packaging.

Our company is located in the western region of the country, which is characterized by its environmental attractiveness, beautiful living decoration and natural potential.

Realizing its value and our responsibility, together with the association "UGPS" we introduced "green consumption concept."

The mechanism of this concept is to establish a system for collecting and purchasing  secondary packaging materials and paper with the subsequent processing and reuse.

This approach to date is correct in terms of the state ecology awareness in the context of cardboard and paper packaging.


From 2017, our company produces cardboard products from raw materials that meet international requirements and FSC®(FSC-C138744).

The undoubtedly unique characteristics of our products are the high quality of the raw materials from which it is made.

The FSC certificate guarantees the correct handling of forests, and the fact that the whole chain of deliveries (harvesters, processors, sellers) delivers to the consumer the products harvested precisely in these forests.


In LLC "Galpack" successfully established, documented and implemented quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


The staff association working to meet customer needs by producing products that are constantly improved by improving its reliability, attractiveness, accessibility to the consumer. Modernization of production aimed at the development and improvement, preservation now leading position in the domestic and European markets.


The task of senior management - creating and maintaining an atmosphere in which everybody can achieve their operational capabilities and involved in the strategic objectives of the company. A high level of social protection of workers, higher wages guarantees qualified enterprises.

Collective company focused on the effectiveness of the quality management is to improve production with regard to compliance with environmental safety, priority of human interests, directs efforts to manufacture products company that meets the needs and requirements of the customer.

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